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Turn a lists into a word puzzle

The idea is simple - you create a list of connected knowledge, like countries and their capital or English words and their translation into Spanish. Study with Subwords will split these words into pieces and you have to put them back together.

iPhone 14 Pro showing a list called Numbers Spanish, with two columns, one for numbers one-eleven in english, one for their translation into spanish.

Study your way

Everyone can Study with Subwords, thanks to the many accessibility features the app. With features like support for VoiceOver, Switch Control and Voice Control, a special font for people with Dyslexia, a grid layout in the study view, custom VoiceOver Rotors and a fully customizable color scheme, Study with Subwords can be adjusted to fit you.

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iPhone 14 Pro showing the Custom Theme edit screen, where colors for different elements can be manually set
More Features

Study Goals

Stay on track by scheduling lists and get notified when its time to study them!

Camera Scan

Use your phones camera to scan vocabulary lists!

CSV Import

Export lists from Excel, Google Sheet and others as CSV and add them directly to Study with Subwords!

Widget, iCloud Sync, and more!

Home screen and lock screen widgets, sync your data via iCloud & custom app icons!

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